Quick summary of benefits your child can get from using stacking toys

kid stacking colorful cubes


For a starter, these toys are very helpful in developing fine motor skills. Different-sized or -shaped parts allow them to work on their fingers coordination and grasp/release movements.

Starting with big pieces and progress to smaller ones challenges your child to focus on each move and maintain control and optimal pressure.

Stacking toys can also improve hand-eye coordination and space awareness by forcing a child’s brain to evaluate each piece position in relation to others. 

As stacking toys come in a variety of colorful shapes, they’re also perfect for early language development. You can use them to practice counting, naming colors, geometrical figures or comparing sizes, textures or even talking about their new creations, which brings as to another important feature of stacking toys.

They can help bring out kids' inner creativity. We all admire our young children for their unlimited imagination, so encourage them to experiment with their toys. Ask them to find an alternative use for each piece, make a story about them or create the game to play with you or other kids.

Who said stacking toys have to be used strictly for stacking, right? ;)

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